Cluster Strategy

Potencia uses a cluster approach to help develop an enabling environment for business that improves life at the base of the pyramid.

Innovation and progress happen when a critical mass of people and businesses start competing and collaborating: Suppliers start understanding the issues at stake. Investors start observing. Talented professionals start considering new career paths and weighing their options.

Think of Silicon Valley and its role in technology innovation. What would be the parallel for business with a structural impact on the lives of low-income people? What would it take for specific cities in emerging markets to become hotspots for innovation in business for the base of the pyramid?

Fast-changing, high-growth emerging markets offer a wealth of opportunity. We often find people in these contexts who are highly skilled, optimistic about the future, and ready to implement new models. At the same time, even within these booming economies, there is a long way to go towards improving quality of life at the base of the pyramid. That's where Potencia can step in.

The first cluster Potencia helped to develop is in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We have also supported ecosystem-building initiatives in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, India, Vietnam, West Africa and Europe. See initiatives for more details.