Artemisia Negócios Sociais

Launched in 2004, Artemisia is a pioneering Brazilian organization that develops human capital and high performance teams for businesses that serve low income communities. Artemisia works upstream of most other field developers, often intervening before an entrepreneur is fixed on a particular business model and helping new ventures to build the right team.

Artemisia is a "one stop shop" for trailblazers in the field of business for social impact, offering a series of practical courses for business entrepreneurs and managers as well as an Accelerator for the highest potential ventures that emerge from the ecosystem. The organization is known as a connection broker among the various players in the field.

Artemisia was developed by Potencia in response to Brazil's extraordinary opportunity to become a hotspot of business for social impact, yet simultaneous dearth of streamlined support for appropriate talent development. learn more


Launched in 2004, edge has provided top young talent to emerging market businesses that serve low-income communities through nearly200 work placements of 6 to 12 months' duration.

edge attracts and prepares the next generation of managers and entrepreneurs to build their careers in this field, ensuring that they add value wherever they work. The programdraws on a pool of high-potentialyoung talent with both leadership experience and a desire to make a difference, and offers them the possibility to explore new business models via workshops, competitions, short term projects and longer-term work placements.

edge was created by Potencia Ventures to address the systemic, global challenge of attracting and developing talent for early-stage businesses that serve the base of the pyramid, especially in emerging markets. learn more

Vox Capital

Launched in 2009, Vox Capital makes seed-stage and venture capital investments in high-potential Brazilian businesses that improve life at the base of the pyramid. Vox takes a hands-on approach, supporting portfolio companies to manage for results, optimize social impact and grow their business.

Since then, Vox Capital has invested in companies working on healthcare, microfinance, technology, housing and employment generation.  To-date these companies have impacted more than 120,000 people, including 6,200 micro-entrepreneurs, and are growing rapidly. Portfolio companies are supported by Vox Capital's management team and a network of well-renowned and highly-skilled Brazilian business leaders.

Vox was conceived when its 3 founding partners - 1 of whom was Potencia founder Kelly Michel - joined forces to help develop the Brazilian market for impact investing. Potencia financed the entire first three years of operations and investments, to prove the concept before opening to external investors in 2011/2012. learn more

Other Initiatives

In addition to co-designing and developing Artemisia and Vox Capital, Potencia has invested in and partnered with a variety of other initiatives in Latin America, Asia, West Africa and Europe.
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