Other Initiatives

Ande Brazil Chapter - Brazil

The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) is a member-driven global network of organizations that invest money and expertise to propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets. The Brazil Chapter was launched in 2010 by ANDE members who are actively working to support small and growing businesses that cause positive social impact throughout Brazil.

Potencia helped launch the chapter in order to mobilize people for the sector, identify innovative business models and increase collaboration among local players. learn more »

Artemisia-AIESEC Social Business Program - Latin America and India

Since 2004, Potencia and AIESEC have been working together to develop the next generation of talent for business serving low income communities. Present in over 107 countries and territories and with over 50,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest student-driven organisation and a platform for youth leadership development.

The Social Business Program has provided over 165 6-month or longer internships around Latin America and India, organized 2 global competitions of start-up businesses for social impact, and raised awareness of the opportunities and challenges in the field among tens of thousands of high potential twentysomethings. learn more »

Ashoka Social Business Initiative - Latin America/worldwide

Ashoka is the global association of the world's leading social entrepreneurs—men and women with system changing solutions for the world's most urgent social problems. Ashoka has elected over 2,500 leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows since 1981.

Since 2004, Potencia has partnered with Ashoka to strengthen the organization's offerings for entrepreneurs developing or implementing market-based approaches, which led to the launch of the Social Business Initiative (SBI). The SBI has been particularly active in Latin America, where Ashoka has provided customized support on business strategy to over 50 entrepreneurs, connecting them to more than 60 senior management consultants and 65 potential investors. The SBI is influencing partners and key players in the field, including Ashoka's other regions and programs. learn more »

Ayllu - India/worldwide

Ayllu provides centralized information to help social enterprises, investors and supporters learn from each other so that decisions can be made and scale achieved more easily, quickly and cheaply. The emerging Missing Middle map tracks and analyzes data and business models of base-of-the-pyramid-focused social enterprises. This tool helps players better understand the constraints faced by the enterprises to scale up their operations and impact, so that players can then design targeted research and action.

Seeing Ayllu as complementary to impact evaluation efforts like IRIS and GIIRS, Potencia provided Ayllu with seed funding in 2009 and subsequent funding for the Indian missing middle study in 2011. learn more »

B-Polo - Brazil

In 2011 Potencia and the ANDE Brazil Chapter created B-Polo, the first online directory for Brazilian businesses serving the base of the pyramid. Each of the listed businesses, investors and capacity development providers can update its own profile page, and all information is available publicly in English and Portuguese. learn more »

Brazilian Map of the Field - Brazil

Potencia, in partnership with AVINA and the ANDE Brazil Chapter, kickstarted the first comprehensive mapping of field developers, investors and businesses that are serving the base of the pyramid in Brazil. Over 100 national players were interviewed at the beginning of 2011 by Plano CDE, Brazil's leading intelligence firm for the base of the pyramid market.

Changemakers Social Business Competition - Worldwide

In 2010, Potencia and Ashoka Changemakers jointly launched an online competition to identify the key challenges and successes of new social business models, called Leveraging Business for Social Change: Building the Field of Social Business. This competition surfaced the second largest number of entries in Changemakers' history, with a high level of entries from diverse emerging markets. learn more »

Enterpreneurs Sans Frontieres - France

Entrepreneurs Sans Frontieres (ESF) was created by Potencia in 2006 to provide start-up support services within a European context, testing models designed in countries like Brazil and Senegal and adapting them according to local needs. During its 4 years of operations, ESF raised awareness of business for social impact in France, partnered with over 100 students and entrepreneurs and supported a number of spin-off initiatives to spread the word and develop talent for the field. learn more »

First Brazilian MBA in socio-environmental business - Brazil

Artemisia, CEATS/University of Sao Paulo and IPE have partnered to launch the first Brazilian MBA in socio-environmental business in 2012, which Potencia has supported with intellectual capital. learn more »

Impact Hub Sao Paulo - Brazil

Potencia has backed the Impact Hub Sao Paulo since plans for the initial research were formulated in 2006. The Impact Hub Sao Paulo is a new kind of workspace and social incubator that inspires, connects and catalyzes entrepreneurs that seek deep social and environmental impact. A physical space where people with aligned objectives can meet each other, connect and create together has synergies with other Brazilian entrepreneurial development programs. learn more »

Intellecap Research Report on HR challenges - India

As part of our talent development initiative, Potencia partnered with Intellecap to produce the first comprehensive study of Human Resource challenges for Indian social enterprises. Intellecap surveyed over 100 enterprises to investigate current practices and highlight opportunities for change.

Next Billion Brasil - Brazil

NextBillion.net is a website and blog bringing together the community of people who want to explore the connection between development and enterprise. Its goal is to highlight the development and implementation of business strategies that open opportunities and improve the lives of the world's approximately 4 billion low-income producers and consumers. NextBillion is an initiative of the William Davidson Institute and World Resources Institute.

NextBillion Brasil's development and launch has been driven by the ANDE Brazil Chapter, after its members joined forces to provide customized content for the Brazilian public, in Portuguese. Potencia is a Founding Partner of NextBillion Brasil.
learn more »

Support to Enterpreneurs - Worldwide

Potencia's primary strategies do not include direct support to entrepreneurs' businesses. However, occasionally Potencia partners with entrepreneurs playing a leading role in developing their region or practice areas, with the objective of identifying and strengthening strategies and mechanisms that can contribute to the development of other models and to the field as a whole. Among these entrepreneurs are the following:

  • David Green – Solar for All Fund (worldwide). learn more »
  • Greg Van Kirk – Community Enterprise Solutions (Guatemala/worldwide). learn more »
  • Fabio Rosa - IDEAAS (Brazil). learn more »
  • Pablo Ordonez – El Arca (Argentina). learn more »
  • Synapse Center - Senegal

    Synapse Center is a living, learning and enterprising community of emergent leaders and entrepreneurs, supporting the growth of business for social impact in West Africa. The center's various programs develop talent for the field, from employability programs for thousands of participants to a multi-year incubation service for a limited number of high potential start-ups.

    Potencia provided Synapse Center's first significant external funding in 2003 and the two organizations partnered closely from 2005 to 2009 on various programs, spreading best practices between Brazil, Senegal and France. In particular, Synapse and Potencia co-created an intercontinental exchange program to strengthen businesses for social impact in West Africa.
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