Potencia catalyzes opportunity for people at the base of the pyramid through business. Access to products and services such as education, high quality health care, money management, recruitment services and secure housing is often taken for granted by the middle and upper earners in a society, while being out of reach of the lower earners. However, when a critical mass of people at the base of the pyramid are able to choose products and services that improve their quality of life, the whole of society benefits. This access positively affects a person's earning potential, cost structures and use of time and energy. Business becomes a tool for social change and economic development.

In a way, Potencia creates opportunity for entrepreneurial people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Our work in building the ecosystem helps surface new business models and partners, providing options for people to leverage their talents, invent solutions to previously intractable challenges, and experience the world differently. We think this is social impact too.