What We Do

Potencia Ventures backs system-changing new business models, businesses, and institutions to help create the entrepreneurial ecosystem that improves opportunity for the base of the pyramid. We support the emergence of businesses that overcome structural difficulties faced by low-income people. Education, health and housing are priority sectors. Likewise, finance, technology and distribution mechanisms are important tools that enable new models to be constructed within these sectors.

Over the years, we have seen that the success of individual businesses not only depends on internal factors, but also on the context in which they operate. As their entrepreneurial environment improves, businesses and management teams can be catapulted to another level of financial and social results. But how does this environment improve? Our experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil has shown that targeted interventions can accelerate the development of the context in which entrepreneurs, investors, suppliers, clients and field developers come together.

Formerly known as Artemisia International, Potencia has been the first investor and principal strategic partner for a half-dozen key initiatives for business serving the base of the pyramid in Brazil. This includes a venture capital fund, an organization that develops high performance teams for businesses that reduce poverty, and Brazil's premier source for information about the field. We have also supported other initiatives in Latin America, Asia, West Africa and Europe.